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Project meeting – World Music School, Helsinki

Oct 30, 2019

In October 2019 we spent a long weekend in Helsinki, this was the ImMusic team’s very first international project meeting. We were so excited about it, we were finally able to meet the partners we had previously contacted only via email.
The atmosphere was friendly from the very first moment. The president of the school, Pedro Aibeo, picked us up with his land rover at the bus stop in the typical Finnish landscape.
During the two-day professional work we got to know each other, the participating organizations and the project implementation schedule. Particular emphasis was placed on mapping the features of music programs to be developed that can be used in youth communities and on the division of tasks between the partner organizations.
We worked on setting dates for the next meetings and programs by scheduling the testing of the elaborated music sessions. It was also important to discuss the basics of budget and communication with our partners. During the two days we were able to accomplish the tasks we had undertaken, the evening walks, the common BBQ and the dinner and sauna in the old mill building made the meeting especially memorable.