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Hangkeltő Foundation – Hungary

The Foundation was established in 2015 as a support organization for amateur choirs to help their professional and practical activities, and it also works as a studio to fulfill the training needs of the singers. Since then, the Foundation organized a number of concerts, festivals, camps and vocal training courses as well as supported the participation of the choirs in different national and international festivals and competitions. In the work of Vox Insana Chamber Choir and MediCantare Girls’ Choir the Foundation is continuously involved, organizing 8-10 independent concerts each year and carrying out an average of 2 international projects, with the assistance of 15-20 volunteers.

The ImPulzus Creative Music Lab is the latest initiative of the Foundation, where the methods and training tools developed with the choirs are now available for the wider public as well. Choral voice training camps, musicology courses, music tours and international workshops are open for music lovers who have not been able to gather such knowledge before. Young people or older young people who do not feel the power to sing but would like to deal with music, in our courses they could get insight into a bit more complex musical thinking. Within the framework of ImPulzus Creative Music Lab we intend to create a project to make music activities more attractive for a wider group of youngsters to develop their creativity, open minded attitude and inclusion in communities.

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Foundation for Youth Awareness – Hungary

The Foundation for Youth Awareness (TIA) was founded in 2015 together with those specialists who have taken active part in youth affairs for years. Our goal was to create a new organization, which can directly help the community, especially young people. The main goal of the foundation is to equip the youth with special knowledge and skills that can help them fit in any community, and predispose them to care about problems in our society, and motivates them to be active citizens. We deliver these goals by organizing talent development programs and trainings. The organization also aims to support youth, youth public life and youth researches with a range of professional work of dealing with problems of individuals and civil society organizations. The Foundation is organizing youth event, workshops and trainings in order to reach these aims. It supports the development of projects by young people on national and international levels as well. We define our activities along three guidelines (see below). Besides these, we organize our programs and development trainings in connection with two other topics. Beyond these, we would like to help promote the domestic and international mobility amongst the younger generation. Education in human rights Our goal is to make phrases like tolerance, democracy, equality of opportunity etc. the norms. We are committed to help creating a society wherein every member of the community understands, respects and protects human rights. Active citizenship These days the passivity and the lack of active participation from the youth are huge problems. We believe that the young generation must have a voice, they must be active in shaping our democracy, and they must be part of the decision-making. We hope to achieve this by setting up regular conversations with decision-makers. Our programs help and support active participation. Improvement by games – learning by playing In today’s modern world the youth can take in knowledge and skills in a way that is fascinating and exciting at the same time. That’s why we are engaged in this topic: we use tools that are interesting for the younger generation. We use both offline and online games as part of implementing our goals.

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World Music School Helsinki – Finland

World Music School is a non profit association born in Helsinki, that aims to support music education initiatives that treat music “as a mother tongue” – that is: – To promote the teaching of local music of oral tradition, in parallel to the formal classical education (conservatory) – Use music as a factor of social interaction / integration – Mix “experts” with the beginners from the first class – Through the organization of regular events in which the students play, subsidize the classes of the students. It wishes to be a replicable experience that makes Helsinki the starting point, and proving grounds of the concept – already at works in Porto PORTUGAL; Benim GRAND-POPO, Shangai CHINA. World Music School Helsiki ry has a voluntary (unpaid) staff of 8, over 34 local Helsinki students, and a teacher’s body of over 64 around the world.

World Music School organizes one on one music classes online and locally, artistic residencies, workshops, as well as lectures and the support of ethnomusicology researchers. WMS also: organizes monthly folk dance events by mixing each time two distinct cultures (eg. Kurdish and Irish) with the local one (eg. Finnish);  manages a list of teachers worldwide;  Documents the WMS process in a systematic and interactive way to promote further improvements. The events content and outcome is documented via the latest available technologies such as Virtual Reality 360 Cameras, to allow a multitude of exploration and participation of the public and of students. Fills in the gap between the many high level teaching Institutions and the informal music sessions spread out around the country. Contributes to the development of a social asset, new cultural skills and mindsets for future Finland.

Coyote Initiatives CIC – Great Britain

Coyote Initiatives is a non-profit Community Interest Company and Social Enterprise based in North-East Scotland. We design and deliver a range of trainings, facilitation, programmes & projects, mainly for young people & youth field professionals both in Scotland and internationally. Our focus is on youth & community engagement and empowerment, using a wide variety of methods and tools including music, arts, technology and nature. We work in partnership with local government, charities, social, youth and other leading organisations to design and deliver projects for young people, especially those with fewer opportunities and from marginalised groups. We offer youth projects, training, project design & management, consultations & facilitation for individuals, groups and organisations in these and other areas. Coyote Initiatives has 3 main projects: ‘True North’ – Outdoor education & group work initiatives for young people and adults, ‘Electrolabs’ – Music & Creative projects for young people, ‘Erasmus+’ projects. We also run bespoke local youth work projects. We have 3 directors, one full-time member of staff, 3 volunteers and a pool of around 30 education professionals (trainers, facilitators, youth leaders, topic experts, logistics coordinators) who are contracted in for specific projects, which gives us a high level of expertise, flexibility and creativity. Our main expertise includes: youth work & youth work training; formal & non-formal education; project design, delivery & development; community building & development; partnership working; nature connection; outdoor education; non violent communication; social entrepreneurship; leadership skills; music production; film; storytelling; organisational development; positive psychology; process work; psychotherapy tools; deep democracy; dynamic self governance & coaching.

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‘Microkosmos’ Associazione Culturale Italo-Ellenica per la Formazione – Italy

The activities of Microkosmos organization relevant for this project include transcribing of the project material in order to be comprehensible to all the participants regardless their educational, cultural, geographical and social background. To be more specific, main goal of the organization is to promote cultural accessibility through adapting and transcribing the cultural, scientific and legal texts, in order to make them more accessible to the public. Additionally, priority of Microkosmos is to promote empowerment by amplifying intercultural and cross-sectorial cooperation in order to eliminate discriminations. Microkosmos supports diversity, intercultural dialogue, as well as the common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human and social rights. Furthermore, the organization promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN with special emphasis on ensuring quality education (4th goal), achieving gender equality (5th goal) and promoting decent work for all (8th goal). Moreover, the organization has published a multilingual e-book in 2016, that provides an opportunity to Deaf and hearing persons to communicate with each other in an international level through the International Signs. The book “International Signs: A practical kit” shares some characteristics with sign languages: it is visual, dynamic, innovative, interactive, always up-to-date, so it can be a great tool in order to learn this language. This kind of technology allows constant and immediate updating, so as to keep up with the changes of a living language and a living culture, such as the Deaf culture. The expertise of Microkosmos in designing interactive and cultural accessible ebooks will be of great use and value for this project, since Microkosmos staff will be involved in the designing of the website of the project in a way to be inclusive and accessible to everybody.

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