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ImMusic Workshop in Budapest

Dec 3, 2022

At the end of November 2022, we held an ImMusic workshop with international participants, young people from five countries came to us to try out the playful exercises that we developed for youth workers during the project. At the workshop, vocal, rhythmic and instrumental games alternated, at different levels of difficulty. The games were led by experts from the Hangkeltő Foundation: Paula Chelemen, Zsuzsa Búzás, Edit Pálinkás, Melinda Nagy, Ágnes Horváth and Csaba Tőri, based on the descriptions made in the exercise collection.

I can apply in my choir teaching to mainly amateur singer and group that has mostly no formal musical education.

I use the exercises again and again at youth events. The exercises can be used very well in youth and community work. The workshop helped me a lot in understanding music and focused on the importance of social activity.

The games are usable, changeable and effective. They can be taken as a “skeleton” of an exercise, and everyone can build new exercises on them.

It was wonderful to be together and feel the rhythm of life together. The tasks can develop a lot of skills, I will use them consciously, e.g. in team building.

Some of the games were really useful to make children feel the steady beat. And also the exercises which contains improvising is really useful to do with youth groups, because they can use their imagination to express themselves through these musical exercises.

Get a plenty of ideas that I can apply in my future activities with youth groups.