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Number of participants

in multiples of 2


approx. 20 min.

Working method

playing in pairs

Musical abilities of the trainers

1 2 3 4 56

Equipment and instruments
  • guitar
  • attention
  • dexterity
  • movement coordination
  • cooperation
  • concentration

Guitar in Pairs

In this activity, participants will play guitar in pairs, in the sense
 of sharing one guitar by two people. In this way, social relationships could be improved and a new way of playing
an instrument can be explored.


The aim of the activity is to begin the guitar “training” in an attractive way that enables isolated training (hands independence). The idea of sharing a guitar by two people has
a complexity itself: you have to be mentally and physically near the couple and this fact can be a handicap for some people. Considering this, we can say that social competences are going to be developed for some people, for others (people that are more social) on the other hand, the activities are going to be possibly a pleasant activity to participate in.
Other aspects to focus on are aspects we can find in every group music activities, such as: sharing a rhythm, waiting the other if it is necessary, etc.



1. easy melody in 1st string first with thumb
2. easy melody i-m
3. melody with some chord notes and thumb
4. melody with some chord notes and t-i-m


1. If it is possible demonstration of the piece by the facilitator
2. Exploring the positions of the notes to use
3. Exploring the rhythm
4. Explanation of what they are going to do:
5. First the simple melody and change the roles
6. After add the chords at the original notes if it is possible.

Comments for facilitators

Try to choose partners with affinity between them, if the activity goes well change the couples.
Ensure that they know where and what to play.