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Number of participants



approx. 25 min.

Working method
  • individual
  • group work
Musical abilities of the trainers

1  3 4 5 6

Equipment and instruments
  • papers, crayons
  • music player / app to play the song
  • cultural / intercultural sensitivity
  • creativity
  • collaboration
  • attention
  • cooperation

In Your Shoes

This activity has a multicultural and motivational orientation.
But it’s also orientated on song creation asking the participants to do a “collage like” new song. It consists of using different cultures’ popular songs to develop a new one.


The first aim is to impulse multiculturalism and own music production. This aim is composed by the use of different cultures’ music and the objective of doing a collage with them. As one of the beginning activities, it will motivate the participants to open their music culture knowledge and give them the security that they can create music with a limited musical knowledge.
Apart from what we have mentioned, the cultural perspectives are going to be worked also thanks to the translations of the songs.


  1. We divide the participants into groups of 4-5 people of mixed nationalities
  2. Each group will listen to a given pop song
  3. They will be asked to share and write down their own countries’ stereotypes and their own personal qualities
  4. They will gather all the ideas and create a lyric for the given song, showing that stereotypes and personality are different.
  5. They will practice it
  6. They will present the created songs

The exercise can also be played in a version where the participants of the same nationality use and search for the music of other nations and use their characteristic features.

comments for facilitators

Helping teams to work properly together and suggesting how to arrange the piece is desirable.