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Number of participants



approx. 30 min.

Working method

group work

Musical abilities of the trainers

1  2  3  4  5  6

Equipment and instruments
  • black/whiteboard, papers, crayons
  • optional: music player / app to play the song
  • attention
  • collaboration
  • cooperation
  • empathy
  • rhythm recognition

Musical Hot Potato

This activity is generally a warming-up exercise, this funny game
is useful as it gives the participants the opportunity
to get to know each other.


The main goal of this game, designed for making friends, is to introduce the participants to the joy of listening to music and singing together with the help of sharing personal experiences, as well as to give them some knowledge about playing music, understanding and enjoying it.


This activity usually opens the musical sessions. It requires a blackboard or a whiteboard, or carton sheets on which the instructor writes five questions about the students’ music preferences and about the participants. Usually these questions help the participants to learn about each other.

For example:
What is your favourite song?
Do you play any instrument?
What is your favourite band?
What do you like to do in your free time?
Do you have a favourite film music?

The participants sit in a circle, and pass a ball or an egg shaker in a clockwise direction at a steady beat, while the selected music is being played. When the instructor stops the music, the participant who is holding the object has to answer one of the questions on the white/blackboard.

This activity is useful for getting group members to interact with each other at the beginning of a musical session. It can be a singalong activity or music listening session as well.