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Number of participants



approx. 10 min.

Working method

group work

Musical abilities of the trainers

1 2 34  5  6

Equipment and instruments
  • paper, pen
  • optional – any drums and rhythm instrument
  • creativity
  • collaboration
  • attention
  • concentration
  • rhythm recognition

Rhythm Map

In this game sheets with special characters (any character
that are not on a classic sheet) have to be created
and performed by the team.


This is a game for improving cooperation skills and developing focus in a creative way. Creating the sheet and coming up with rhythms is a great team building exercise. By living in the rhythm create a fun atmosphere.


The facilitator creates two groups and explains the task.

First group has to find out a specific rhythm pattern that the other group needs to play on their bodies or rhythm instruments. This part of the game is like a music sheet creation task: they have to capture the rhythm, however they cannot use classic notes but symbols.

For example:
instead of „ ♪ ♫ ” they can use symbol “$” and they have to explain it means: beat with your feet
or with the symbol „❤” they want the other group to clap their hands etc.

When the first group finishes, the second group performs it based on the instructions – as a music reading task.