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Number of participants



approx. 30 min.

Working method

group work

Musical abilities of the trainers

1  2  3  4 5 6

  • music player / app to play the sound
  • any sound generating device

  • improvisation
  • creativity
  • expression
  • confidence
  • attention
  • perception
  • cooperation
  • team cohesion

Sound Reproduction

The world around us is full of different sound effects, which we not only have to recognize, but sometimes also have to imitate, which in certain cases results in extremely humorous situations. The game is based on the systematic application and development of voice support.


In addition to observation and imitation, and the creative use of different sound production methods, it also serves to develop mutual attention, comparison, and self-evaluation.


The members of the group sit in a circle and the animator distributes the piece of paper to everyone, and they each write a sound effect that comes to their mind (you can write more). This can be any effect, whether natural or artificial or human voice, except singing or other musical sounds.

Then, as in the „Activity” game, the participants draw a card and what they read there must be imitated with their own voice, which the others must recognize. It can be played as a team competition, but it can also be played as a scoring competition.
The game can be varied by asking for sound effects thematically: e.g. animal sounds, machine sounds, etc.

At the end of the game, they can listen to a piece of symphonic
music together, which is about voice imitation: e.g. Beethoven: VI.
Symphony – bird sounds; Rossini: Cat Duet, Honegger: Pacific 231;
The Typewriter