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Number of participants



approx. 20 min.

Working method
  • individual work
  • playing in pairs
  • group work
Musical abilities of the trainers

1  2  3  4  56

Equipment and instruments
  • 7 guitars
  • concentration
  • attention
  • movement coordination
  • perception
  • cooperation

Sunrise for 7

This activity consists of a conductor-performers activity for 7 guitars. In this activity the facilitator will ask for certain motives (previously assigned) to be done. Each performer has a maximum of 2 notes and the motives are going to be combined to have Bartok’s Sunrise song as a result.


The aim of the activity is to enable the first approach to the guitar playing. This approach is usually done by doing some technical exercises individually. In our case we are going to do an activity in which a musical piece is divided into simple and feasible motives that can be assigned to different participants. In this way an individual work becomes collective and social, being an activity that goes further than just mechanical practice.



The activity is going to begin with a description of the guitar neck: location of the high and lows etc. and how to perform them.
After that description, the facilitator will explain the activity:
– they will be given a score and they will read it;
– they will put the fingers in the places they are going to use;
– they will practice and ask for help if they need;
– at the end they will do it in order in the big group.


After the explanation we will give time to clear the doubts and to practise as said before.


They will play the piece.

Sharing opinions:

The facilitator will guide a conversation with the participants
about the exercise, found difficulties and the evaluation of the


Convenient to have a good guitar control.
We will observe if any of the participants has difficulties to develop the activity and we will see if the performers play with the correct notes.