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Number of participants

in multiples of 3 or 4


approx. 20 min.

Working method

group work

Musical abilities of the trainers

1  2  3  4  56

Equipment and instruments
  • any musical instrument or app to have the first tuning references
  • attention
  • cooperation
  • concentration
  • hearing sensitivity

Vocal Chord Building

This activity is designed to build the harmonic ear, avoiding the classic exercises. We will improve the inner listening by building chords with our voices, focusing on the triads and on the tonal functions.


The principal aim is to develop the inner harmonic ear. This cognitive tool will help the participants to understand the musical text in a deeper way, facilitating the singing, humming process and the creative process.
Submitted to that, the activity itself will improve the tuning skills and the listening skills while singing. We cannot forget to mention that cooperation; new ways to practise and healthy singing are part of the second aim.


  1. Order in groups of 3 or 4
    2. Give the participants the musical reference
    3. All together sing with arpeggios the I IV and V degrees withthe guidance of the facilitator.
    4. Repeat the cadence without help
    5. Group by group, give the fundamentals and ask them to develop the chord.
    6. If they complete the precedent activities easily, next they will do directly different cadences. I-V-VI-IV
    7. The most accomplished activity would use different cadences and would alternate the chords they have to do.
    The last cadence but with changing roles, better said.


As an illustration, you can search for simple, well-known melodies and songs to which these chords fit and you can sing along with it.