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Sing & Grow with Csaba Tőri

Sep 27, 2021

In his work, Csaba Tőri emphasizes the extent to which singing and active music can influence, and in some cases change, a person’s self-esteem. We often find that we do not dare to speak in front of others, public speaking blocks us. Singing, whether in a community, choir or even individually, has a huge effect in overcoming this. In addition, community music-making has a huge impact on the experience of belonging to a group, a “family”. Based on this concept, Csaba also starts his own training at ImPulzus, Budapest, called Sing&Grow. When compiling the tasks of ImMusic, this floats before our eyes, so that as many people as possible can experience the joy and beneficial effects of music. In his workshop in September, Csaba primarily tested the exercises that were most designed to achieve this goal.