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SOLIDARITY:ON – Community Singing

SOLIDARITY:ON – Community Singing

The holiday of volunteering awaits this year as well! Through lectures and workshops, you can get a taste of the possibilities of the Solidarity Board and, with it, the power of the community.

The EU’s volunteer program, the European Solidarity Corps, enables young people aged 18-30 to help the work of an organization or institution as volunteers. This intercultural adventure can be two-way: Hungarian young people can go to foreign organizations, or foreign young people can join the life of Hungarian organizations and institutions. Through the program’s solidarity projects, a group of Hungarian youth can respond to local social challenges. We want to share these experiences and opportunities with you through exciting lectures and project presentations, as well as workshops.

At the invitation of the Tempus Foundation, we held an online community singing session on the SOLIDARITY:ON in accordance with the epidemic measures. The singing was led by Csaba Tőri, music teacher and choir conductor. Thanks to a lot of practice during the pandemic period, we already have a lot of practice in this genre, we were able to offer the participants an enjoyable program by playing with the microphones on and off. We were delighted to see that during the recording, the organizers and the technical staff joined in with loud singing in the hall. Music really moves the soul, especially in difficult times.

You can peek inside the program – the spoken parts are only available in Hungarian, but remember, music is a universal language!