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Number of participants



approx. 35 min.

Working method
  • group work
Musical abilities of the trainers

1  3 4 5 6

and instruments
  • music player / app
    to play the song
  • learning and memory skill
  • collaboration
  • attention
  • concentration
  • creativity
  • sense of rhythm

Charlie over the Ocean

The music game inspired by the aquatic life is suitable
and easy for those participants who are inexperienced
in music or for musicians at all levels.


The main objectives of these music activities are to introduce participants to the joy of playing and singing songs together, as well to provide some knowledge of musical experience, understanding and enjoyment.


Before starting the game, the facilitator asks the young people to think of something that is in the ocean, seas. Let them use their imagination, what they want to see more closely, get to know.
The participants sing or learn the song several times so that they no longer have to concentrate on the sounds and the text during the game. When the word {blackbird} is reached in the third line of the text, everyone must replace it with the word they thought of at the beginning of the game, but it is important to keep the rhythm (e.g. speed up the syllables).

  1. Participants are standing in a circle, hands are clasped, and the instructor is on the outside.
  2. With a steady beat he/she begins walking around the outside of the circle singing the solo, echoed by the group. Don’t forget to use the words that everyone has come up with!
  3. On the last word, he/she taps the participant closest to him/her. Racing around the circle, if the chosen player tags the first participant before they reach the opening in the circle they win their place back and the song is sung again. If not, they become the new soloist.


Charlie over the ocean,
Charlie over the sea,
Charlie caught a {blackbird}
Can’t catch me.

Charlie over the ocean, (echo)
Charlie over the sea, (echo)
Charlie caught a {blackbird} (echo)
Can’t catch me. (echo)

    comments for facilitators

    During the activities be care of the steady beat.
    There are countless versions of these popular songs, and they have varied in lyrics and melody over the years, so you can learn any version.