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Number of participants



approx. 10 min.

Working method

group work

Musical abilities of the trainers

12  3  4  5  6

  • collaboration
  • creativity
  • attention
  • concentration
  • rhythm recognition
  • sense of rhythm

We Will Rock You – President!

A playful mental focus game based on
the rhythm of We will rock you.


Helps group dynamics, improves sense of rhythm. Improves ability to focus.


Everybody stands in the circle. Ideally there are 10-15 people in the group.
The facilitator explains the task.

Each participant has a name or number they have to remember based on where they stand in within the circle:
there is one who called „President”
on “President”’s left is the „Assistant”
participant on the “Assistant”’s left called “1” and the participant after “2” and this row finishes with the last group member on the right of the “President”.
Everybody start drumming the rhythm of „We will rock you by Queen”.
The method of the game is the following:
When you clap your hands you have to say your name (e.g. „President”) and in the next round of clapping your hands you say the number or name of another random participant (e.g. „4”). It means that participant No 4 has been called. Now it is time for participant No 4 to say his/her name (e.g. „4”) when clapping and during second clapping to say a number or name of another random participant.
If you say your name incorrectly or if you say your name but you wasn’t called or if you don’t say your name though you were called – meaning you are wrong – in this case, you have to change your place and move next to the President, to his right.
This means everybody (or almost) will have another number/name.

comments for facilitators

For groups where they have to get to know each other, they can plan by their real names. In this case they start with going round and everybody introducing themselves with saying their first name. And then the game starts with the same method, only in this case they have to say a real name of a team member.