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Number of participants



approx. 20 min.

Working method

group work

Musical abilities of the trainers

12  3  4  5  6

  • creativity
  • improvisation
  • attention
  • collaboration
  • cooperation
  • social sensitivity

Hunt the Object

Facilitating orientation with vocal sounds in the form of a short game, following different vocal changes in space. Vocal version of „The seeker”, rhythmic and instrumental game (40).


The goal of the game is to learn how vocal sounds can be used in many different interpretations, and how to navigate with their help. It helps them learn how to express their feelings, how to improvise, how to enjoy music and develop this within a group
that develops social skills and teamwork.


The instructor shows the participants the object to hunt that can be anything (e.g. a coin). One participant goes out of the room for a few seconds. While he/she is there, the group hides the object somewhere, then they invite her/him back to the classroom.

The group makes a long ‘La’ sound while the participant is hunting for the object. They can vary their ‘La’ sound according to pitch (high pitch means close, low pitch means far) and dynamics (loud means close, quiet means far away). So if he/she is close to the
object, they should sing ‘La’ at a higher pitch and louder. If he/she is far away, they sing ‘La’ at a lower pitch and more quiet. By listening to them, the hunter should be able to find the hidden object.

Participants can also use a song or melody while one of them is trying to find the object.