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Number of participants



approx. 20 min.

Working method

group work

Musical abilities of the trainers

12  3  4  5  6

Equipment and instruments
  • recorder or any other musical instrument
  • creativity
  • improvisation
  • attention
  • collaboration
  • cooperation
  • social sensitivity

The Seeker

 A short game that playfully focuses on rhythm and music.
Rhythmic and instrumental version of „Hunt the object” vocal game (41).


This game develops musical skills and better recognition of tempo, rhythm, differences in sounds and dynamics. It helps them learn how to express their feelings, how to improvise, how to enjoy music and develop this within a group that develops social skills and teamwork.


First the facilitator hides a small object from the participant.
When participant starts to search for the object, the facilitator or preferably the participants helps with a recorder (or other musical instrument) to find it:
• the higher the sound is on the recorder, the closer the seeker
got to the object
• the lower the sound is on the recorder, the more far the seeker
got to the object
• when reaching very closely to the subject, the highest sound to
be created quickly a few times

Level up!

The game can be expanded as follows: there is a new participant who helps the searcher, the „controller”. The controller joins the game with an instrument and helps the seeker in which direction to go with prearranged signals. For example: a loud sound means right, a quieter sound means left, repeating a sound means forward, a trill means going backwards, etc.
Since two instruments are playing at the same time, it is worth coordinating so that they sound harmoniously.