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Number of participants



approx. 10 min.

Working method

group work

Musical abilities of the trainers

1  2  3  4  5  6

Equipment and instruments
  • optional: any type of instrument
  • movement coordination
  • attention
  • cooperation
  • concentration
  • rhythm recognition
  • sense of rhythm

Rhythm Machine

A rhythm game with which a more complex sound can be achieved.


This game for developing the sense of rhythm requires a more complex way of thinking by combining simple elements. It depends on the creativity of the participants to achieve a complex sound by layering the rhythms.


This activity is similar to the game called Give me rhythms.
Participants are sitting in a circle. One person starts the Rhythm Machine by doing a simple rhythm that repeats over and over.
This pattern can be a basic 4/4 quarter note beat.
The person sitting to the left of the starter then adds his/her own rhythm to go along with the rhythms that are already going.
Again, the rhythm has to be repeated and cannot be changed.
After everyone has added a rhythm, the first person stops doing his/her rhythm. The others continue their rhythm, the next round the second person drops out, and so on. It continues until the last person has a rhythm.

Rhythm examples:


Comment for facilitators

Percussion instruments can be used during the games, e.g. drums, percussion eggs, wood maracas, rhythm sticks, bells or castanets.
During the activities be care of the steady beat!